Wondering what size to get into your Little Lies items?

Follow our handy size guide below to find your perfect fit. Used in the construction of all our own brand pieces, this Size Guide is specifically for Little Lies garments and not our curated Boutique collection.

How to take the perfect measurement to get the right size for you!

  1. Bust - Measure around the fullest part of your bust, under your arms and try to keep the tape measure straight across your back.

    Different bras will give different measurements - a sports type bra will often flatten you and a heavily padded push up bra will increase the measurement!

  2. Waist - Measure around the natural waist line, which is the narrowest point and often higher than you think!

    How to find your natural waist - stand up straight and bend to one side. Your natural waist is the 'told point' where you bend.

  3. Low Hips - This is usually about 20cm below your natural waist, more if you are taller and less if you are not.

    Many of us are slightly fuller at the thigh area than the hips. which is around the fullest part of our bum -this is not the place to measure for this point!

  4. Inside leg - Measure from the ton of your inner thigh to the floor whilst standing straight . this is usually easier to get someone to help with.

    Many Little Lies styles are designed to be worn with heels or platforms, so check each style for the leg length.


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