You've got just one more weekend to come see us in store! 
...'cause we are MOVING! Our home at Union Street has served us well, but it's far too small for us now and so it's time for us to move on to an exciting new premises. There have been massive changes behind the scenes here, resulting in insane business growth! We had always intended to move on to a warehouse space eventually, but we're excited to be able to make that step sooner. We're setting up an incredible new HQ for our creative team, office team, online team and warehousing. It's gonna be unreal and we can't wait to share it with you! Watch out on Instagram for the renovation and reveal!

Our time in the store has shown us how much you guys love to shop with us in person and how far you've been willing to travel to experience it. So, we're ready to spread our wings further than one city - we're planning to take Little Lies on the road in future so we can come to you! But, these things take time and so for now, Little Lies will operate online only.

Big things are happening, always, thanks to you guys 'n your support! We can't wait to see loads of your friendly faces in store before we move. The store's final opening date is Saturday 5th September, so get your asses in to see us!

Big Love,