This collection looks at powerful female icons over time and the evolution of female rebellion. We start with the female who was guided by astrology and the power of the universe. We then look at the females who dared to rebel in the form of fashion or showing skin dating back to the 1880s.

The common thread is the expression of tattoo as a medium, with the art concept still being a mark of rebellion today. The experimental journey of females marking their skin as men would. This collection embodies the fearlessness of the pioneering female; who embraces art, originality and a unique lens on the world.

This collection is extra special to us as it marks the introduction of custom print and fabric developments for the brand. Taking inspiration from linear tattoo art and celestial elements, we have developed a print and embroidery that are very much true to the beating heart of Little Lies.

Come with us behind the scenes on set as we shoot the Rebellion product shots...

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