Himalayan Salt Oil Burner


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When lit, Himalayan Salt candle holders produce negative ions that cleanse the air from impurities and radiation from electrical equipment. This is said to relieve headaches, tiredness, stress, insomnia and lack of concentration, as well as lead to a higher awareness level and result in a calming effect. The positive effect of negative ions are similar to what you experience in the mountains, around waterfalls, by the sea or after thunderstorms. Our new black iron oil burner gives you the added benefit of burning luxurious scented oils with your Himalayan salt tea light, making it a key item for any relaxing space. Just add a couple of drops of your favourite scented oil to some water in the glass dish, and light your candle underneath to release the aroma. Not only are these a must for relaxation, they make the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for friend!

• 14cm tall. Glass dish 12cm diameter.
• Peach
• Wipe clean
• Natural salt, metal frame and glass dish