Graphic tees, knits, and outerwear have always been a core element of Little Lies’ aesthetic, particularly in monochrome. Whether it’s a band tee or slogan jumper, chucking one on with your fave leathers, platform boots and stacked up jewels makes you feel those rock ‘n roll vibes.


And so, this being our starting point, we decided to create two core knitwear pieces: one jumper and one cardigan. The journey began...


For the graphics, we stripped back to our core elements as well as revisiting the data on bestsellers – it had to make sense for the brand, but it had to be what you guys are telling us you want.

Enter the Bison and Lightning doodles.


From there we sharpened the hand drawn illustration up and worked on the scale and proportions to figure out how best to get it emblazoned across a badass jumper.

Then it was time to submit the artwork to our knitwear factory so they could begin work on different knit options.


We wanted to take complete control of the design, fit and quality – giving us an opportunity to really level things up and create treasurable garments that feel incredible to wear.

The knit technique had to be right for getting those graphics sharp, but it also had to allow for the right yarn to give the premium finish we were targeting. Our factory set out testing our Bison artwork using various fibres and methods so we could review and test which one was right for us.


Final pieces in hand, we knew we had to capture just how good they look and feel on the body. They really have exceeded all our expectations, and we cannot WAIT for you to get your hands on them too!

We've elevated the vibe, majorly.

Its live bison + lightening Monochrome knitwear | Little Lies UK