F*CK YES . . . second instalment

F*CK YES . . .  second instalment

Hello lovelies!

Us again!  How are ya??  What a month we’ve had!  Festival frolics at the beautiful Belladrum and Electric Fields, (working at both mind you…not just jolly holidays.  Although they were the definitely among the best jobs ever!) we finally met the F*CKING FABULOUS Miss Jade Beatson (the brains and the beauty behind Little Lies!) and had all the gigs, business meetings, future plannings and LAUNCH NIGHT ORGANISATION (and attempting to hold down real jobs) in between!  Phew!!  We wouldn’t change the craziness for anything though!!  Ok… maybe some days it would be nice to get the chance to sleep a little more but we’re dealing… COFFEE!

SO… BELLADRUM.  OH MY!  BEST. WEEKEND. EVER.  Well, almost a week I guess… we were on site for 6 days… (Camping.  No showers.  Yup…) as part of the AL AVENGERS!  (Told you we were super cool…)  Working as Artist Liaisons for the best f*cking team, at the best little festival in the WHOLE F*CKING WORLD, the AL Avengers took care of the ‘hospitality requirements’ of all the artists while they were in our magical festival field! (Sounds glam I know right, but please refer back to aforementioned note about going 5 nights in a tent without a shower… combined with 6 days of manual labour… glam it most definitely aint!)  The line-up this year was full to bursting with F*CK YES and Little Lies faves including the ever-dreamy Fatherson, Model Aeroplanes, Prides, the La Fontaines, Drenge, KLOË… the list was ENDLESS!!  We had the most incredible time (Bella antics can be read about in full here) despite being bruised, sleep deprived and unable to string a proper sentence together by the time we returned to life indoors!  ALL THE LOVE FOR BELLA AND OUR FESTIVAL FAMILY!

After Belladrum, when we’d just about regained the power of speech, our schedules FINALLY aligned with that of your web-hostess with the most-ess, Miss Beatson!  Hoorah!!  It took us weeks of communication by emails only but we were finally able to meet in real life and made our first date happen!  Coffee of course… at Gordon St Coffee in Glasgow, where else?!   Providers of the most delightful cup of piping-hot deliciousness in the city, and makers of the best gluten-free cakes ever!  (Seriously, their GF orange & chocolate loaf is ridiculous!)  We discussed SO MANY exciting things we plan on bringing your way together over the next few months (OMG BTW! I can acronym.) and even got a sneak peek at some of the most beautiful new items to be landing on Little Lies!  WE WANT ALL THE THINGS!  Currently massively lusting over this gorgeous little trinket box which would look right at home in my wee home…  And Treacle will be purchasing this gem (‘scuse the pun) of a keyring as soon as she finds a new home and actually has some keys to put on it.  (Treacle is technically a little bit homeless just now but has taken up temporary residence at F*CK YES HQ and does wonderful things like has my dinner/WINE ready for me when I get in from work!  SO CUTE!  I don’t want her to leave!)

Since then it’s been go, go, GO getting everything ready for the LAUNCH OF OUR BRAND NEW CLUB NIGHT AT KING F*CKING TUT’S!!  AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!  We still can’t quite believe this is all actually happening (and in like a week too.  OH F*CK!) but we are starting to get seriously excitable now!  We’ve been busy making playlists for our first attempt at DJ-ing, (hahahahahahahaha!) and doing some F*CKING AWESOME things with some of the F*CKING ACE talent we are lucky enough to have playing on our first night… including turning my living room and kitchen into the most basic home studio set up ever, and fancying ourselves as amateur filmmakers!  You need to check all of them out…  Made as MannequinsBedford Rascals, and the wonderful Sunshine Social, THANK YOU!!!!  WE CAN’T F*CKING WAIT to see you all at King Tut’s on the 9th September!!  Speaking of which…WHO ELSE IS IN?!  You can find info about the event here, and buy tickets from our bigcartel page here. (Or on Ticketmaster…but don’t.  It is pretty f*cking cool that we’re on there but they already have all the pennies.  We have none.)  BUT WAIT!!  There is a chance for you to bypass the cheap as chips FIVE POUND price tag!! BUT HOW?!  I hear you cry… well, the wonderful Little Lies are GIVING AWAY 2 TICKETS to our launch!!  Don’t say we aren’t good to ya!  So what are you waiting for?!  You can enter the give-away HERE and WE’LL SEE YOU THERE!!!

Lots of love,

Cass & Treacle


P.S.  We’ve also updated our F*CK YES TO LITTLE LIES playlist over on the old Spotify!  NEW MUSICAL TREATS HERE


Phoebe’s Top Pick – Amethyst Keyring

three drawer 1

Lucy’s Top Pick – Three Drawer Trinket Box