F*CK YES . . . our first guest blog

F*CK YES . . .  our first guest blog

Hey Team!

And welcome to our very first guest blog for the luscious Little Lies!  In fact, welcome to our very first guest blog EVER, and we could not be more F*CKing excited that it’s for you guys!  The beautiful brains behind this whole wonderful world contacted us a few weeks ago and asked if we’d be interested in contributing some of our musical musings from time to time…and well, one read of the ‘About Us’ page and a sneak peek at some of the other incredible brands and creatives already on board (WE LOVE FOR LOVE & LEMONS AND HIGH HEELS SUICIDE AND HAYLEY SCANLAN AND…WELL EVERYONE!) and we jumped at the chance to get involved!  ALL THE LOVE FOR LITTLE LIES!  Our favourite things and musical heroes are a match made in heaven and we are F*CKING DELIGHTED to be a little part of it!  <3

Sorry, I suppose if we’re going to be popping up to say hi every so often I should introduce ourselves properly;  we are F*CK YES!  Miss Phoebe Ann Treacle Holley (best name ever right?!) and I (plain old Lucy Cassidy) met last year while working at Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival (the best little festival in the whole world) and have since become somewhat inseparable… and by a strange coincidence, we started up our own little venture in much the same way as Little Lies became a real life thing.  After a glass or two too many of our fave tipple, (Sauv Blanc with ice and soda please bartender…) setting the world to rights and discussing the brilliance of “The Law of ‘Fuck Yes’ or ‘No’” by Mark Manson (can be found here… markmanson.net/fuck-yes  a MUST read for anyone who has had a shitty dating experience…) we had our ‘light bulb’ moment and started applying the ‘FUCK YES’ or ‘NO’ theory to pretty much anything and everything…  I jacked in my soul destroying corporate career in the oil industry (it was never going to be a ‘FUCK YES’) for bar work and we created our wee blog… F*CK YES!  Since we launched in April we have grown beyond our wildest dreams and we are now lucky enough to be guest blogging for incredible creatives like Little Lies, have interviewed some of the hottest new talent around and have just announced the launch of our VERY OWN CLUB NIGHT AT KING F*CKING TUTS! WHAAAAAAATT?!  Wild!  Would love to see you there at the very first F*CK YES (LIVE) event on the 9th September where we will be showcasing some of the best Scottish talent around right now and drinking all the wine!

Music is life… and so every month we’ll be dropping in to share some of our fave new discoveries, keep you posted on the best local bands you need to have in your life and chatting some nonsense about gigs and things we have seen lately… We’ve also created a special Little Lies playlist over on Spotify which we’ll be keeping updated as we stumble across new tunes to #fangirl over.  The first 10 on the playlist for now though, are our Top 10 F*CK YES anthems; songs that mean a lot to us as a Team and that sound-tracked our beginnings (including local legends Fatherson, Prides of course). We hope you love them as much as we do!  You can find it here…  TURN IT UP TO ELEVEN!


We’ll be back here soon lovelies, but for now… you can find us HERE facebook.com/fckyespromotions HERE fckyespromotions.tumblr.com/ and HERE twitter.com/fckyespromo if you fancy letting us fill up your news feeds on a slightly more frequent basis!

See you next month…

Lots of Love,

Lucy & Phoebe



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